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FAQs on Grandview Heights Schools Ballot Issue

Why now?
The average age of Grandview Heights Schools buildings is 90 years. The district has only $540,000 to annually dedicate to building maintenance, despite there being a total of $44.5 million in basic upgrades needed for our buildings to remain serviceable. Waiting only makes the chance for a financial crisis greater as our structures and systems begin to fail.

The facilities plan makes sense.
It includes quality structures and finishes that will last longer and cost less in the long term. It will provide enough space for all students as our enrollment continues to increase. It will make sure that our schools are equipped with security features that will help keep our students safe and are ADA compliant.

What will be included in the ballot issue?
A combined $55.25 million bond issue and 1.0 mill operating levy, which will upgrade our facilities, maintain current day-to-day operations and preserve the quality programs and services offered at Grandview Heights Schools.

What would the bond issue fund?
The proposed bond levy will fund safety, security and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades to all school buildings, build a new 4-8 building, comprehensively renovate Grandview Heights High School, and address essential repairs at Stevenson Elementary at this time.

What would the operating levy fund?
The operating levy will maintain day-to-day operations and is one of the lowest operating levies in the history of Grandview Heights Schools!

How did we come up with the facilities plan?
The community had major input into the facility plan and operating issue. Over the course of nearly three years of work and communication with the community, the district has developed a master facilities plan for our aging school buildings. The community meetings, citizen-led committees, in-home coffees, and building tours represent more than 3,600 touch points with our community. This is the community’s plan.

What will it cost?
The combination levy would cost homeowners an additional $239 per $100,000 of property valuation annually.

For Grandview Heights Schools
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