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Devon and Richard Albeit
Teri Alexander
The Allman Family
William and Andrea Amurgis
Kate Ball
Mona Barber
Heather Bauer
Joe and Heidi Bechtel
Brad and Gretchen Bertani
Josh and Lindsey Bills
Sandra Binning
Jared and Bethany Black
Steve Blake
Tim and Annie Blum
Eric Bode and Annie Murray
Tom and Jeanne Bogen
Sarah and Michael Bongiorno
Daniel and Jennifer Boulton
Carrie Boyd
Rick and Bonani Brady
Derek Brammell
Michael and Debbie Brannan
John and Sara Brooke
Kristin Bugnitz
Juliet and David Bullock
Thomas D. Burgess
Stephanie Burley
Joe and Amy Buscemi
Dominic Buscemi and Marci Milito
Lorena Caito
Janet and Steve Callison
Ron Cameron
Jay and Mindy Canupp
Tessa Carrel
Dr. Ken and Margaret Carter
Dr. Marcel and Chris Casavant
Jennifer S. Cassidy
Karen Catignani
Ted and Bobbie Celeste
Ashley and John Chambers
Farrah and Jeff Chrstos
David and Tamar Chute
Matt and Karen Cincione
Nora and Todd Claypool
Bill and Katie Clifford
Cassie Cole
Beth Collier
Lauren Collier
The Cook Family
Sharon and Mike Curtin
Bill Damschroder
Doug and Megan Daughters
Ricky and Amy Day
Joe DeCola
Melissa DeGraw
Ray DeGraw
Matt and Kalie Demosky
Nicole DeVere
Bill Cusak and Jeri Diehl-Cusack
Krissy Dobies
Cynthia G Dragics
Mike, Jenny, and Allison Eaton
Jack and Liz Elder
Jay and Patty Elliott
George Ellis and Karen Kitchen
Chris and Becky Enderle
Stephanie and John Evans
Gretchen Jeffries Everett
Chris Everett
Susan and Tom Falk
Paul Fallon
Nicole Farnham
Jamey Fauque and Brandi Lust
Nichole and Joey Ferris
Martha and Bob Field
Holly Fischer
Katherine S. Fisher
Logan Fisher
Jeanette Foster
Tim and Julie Freeman
Kasey and Justin Friesner
The Furbees
Quint and Laura Gage
Genevieve Gallagher
Curt and Marcia Gantz
Nic and Alicia Gaston
Diane Gehres
Emily Gephart
Rev. Wade and Debbie Giffin
Steven Gladman
Bridget and Rich Granger
Renee Grant
Jeff Greer
Kevin and Emily Guse
Marissa Hastie
Tom and Sharon Hatem
Megan and Robert Hatta
Rebekah and Dimitri Hatzifotinos
Shane and Laura Heald
Scott Henningsen
Lisa Hill
Sarah and Jeremy Hoepf
Stephanie and Less Hollar
Lovely and Eric Houser
Melanie Houston
Marc and Julie Horger
Todd and Julie Horning
Beau and Mary Hoy
Tracy Garrett and Michael Hughes
Holly and James Hunt
Jim and Kerry Hyre
Shin and Bree Iisaka
John Ivanic
Susan Jagers
Matt Jolson
George Jones III
Rob and Krista Joseph
Michele and Dan Joubert
Jason and Kristi Jump
John and Bridget Kahle
Greg and Erin Karst
Greta Kearns and Jeff Shirazi
Anne Marie and Sean Keller
Irfan and Betsy Khan
Christopher King and Lou Tomlin-King
Judy Koob
Jack and Margaret Kukura
Ron and Allison Kukura
Brian and Jill Kuyper
Rusty and Anne Lawyer
Mike and Michele Leach
Erick and Traci Lobao
Laura Lombardi
Bob Long
Derrick and Betsy Long
Shelley and Matt Lovegrove
Ericca Lovegrove
Joanna and Steven Lower
Melanie Trout – Luckenbach
Shelly and Jason Main
Dan and Melissa Malin
Jennifer and Dean Marcellana
Rick Mathes
Katie and Chris Matney
Marc and Christina Mattingly
Amita Matura and Tendy Chiang
Heidi McAfee
Ryan McAfee
Barb McCauley
Lori McCollough
Tom and Marcia McCoy
Elizabeth and Kevin McCusker
Gene and Becky McHugh
Jay and Melissa McKelvey
Lydia McLaughlin
Peter and Katie Merkle
Rebecca Mdivanian
Milan Moncol and Iveta Moncolova
Adam and Helen Miller
Bob and Jane Miller
Bryce and Christy Monson
Laurie Clark and Greg Moody
Kelly Mooney
Mike Morosky
Mike and Jess Mott
Elizabeth and Nkululeko Moyo
Melanie Mueller
Lori and Ryan Nugent
Jon and Rachel Ohlinger
Stefanie Osborne
Dr. Brad and Sarah Otto
Richard Chad Overmyer
Doug and Elizabeth Page
Matt and Melissa Palmisiciano
Molly and Logan Philipps
Bo and Kelly Pomante
Drs. Tom Pommering and Phyllis Polas
Marty Post
The Rastetter Family
Tim and Jane Robinson
Jerry and Patti Reiniger
Jeff and Melinda Reynolds
Teresa Rill
Dawn and Kurt Ritzman
Leslie and Jason Robinson
Kim and Mike Rowland
Becky Ryan
Kim Schaefer
Mike and Sara Schroder
Melanie Senitko and Eric Schweinhagen
Andrea Shepherd
Ellen and Mustafa Shraim
Ben and Lisa Siefker
Marta J. Sierra
Bethany Singley
Daneyand James Singley
Deborah and Vincent Singley
Dennis and Carol Smith
Jeff and Kristy Smith
Barb Anderson and Doug Sopp
Sandie and Todd Southern
George Sparks
Dionne Spenthoff
Megan and Bill Stanley
Amy Bush Stevens
Brandon and Dawn Strong
Kent and Susan Studebaker
Laura Swanson
Greg and Kathi Swary
Chris Szabo
Joanne and Greg Taylor
Sharla and Greg Thomas
Paul and Annette Titus
Karen and Jesse Truett
Katie and Matt Ufferman
Richard and Carolyn VanDeusen
Heidi Varner
Vikki Vincent
Dow and Brenda Voelker
Jennifer Voit and Mitch Harville
Lauren and Chris Wager
Norma Koutz Wallace Secor, ‘73
Dave and Kelly Ward
Molly Wassmuth
Megan and Tom Wood
Carole Watkins and Craig Woods
Jim Wells
Blake West
Lacey and Audra Wheeler
Jenn and Matt White
Kermit and Cate Whitfield
Brian Will
July Williams and Vince Pentella
Travis and Lana Williamson
Rick and Melinda Wilson
Andrew Yates
Tom and Debbie York
Anja and Geof Zann
Anne Zavarella
Kelly and Robert Zwink

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